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Who we are

Listen to our CEO, Hsin Yao’s, 5 minute pitch about Helios and our big dream at Wavemaker Partners’ 2023 Annual General Meeting, Founder’s Day session.
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What we do

  • Helios provides a platform for home loans for residential solar
  • We do our best to ensure every Helios financing loan results in our clients being cashflow positive (you save more than you pay!)
  • We only work with the most trusted and reputable solar installers and financial institutions

Why Helios


Warranty and maintenance are included for the lifetime of your solar loan.

no Money Down

Pay in instalments and add solar to your home for ZERO money down.


More money back in your pocket.

Our PRocess

With our innovative, consumer-centric approach, we aim to enable mass adoption of residential solar, while making a positive impact on families’ lives with savings from Day 1.


‎ We will schedule a no-commitment consultation to provide an estimate based on your electricity consumption and roof


‎We will guide you through the process of getting your solar financed with Zero Money Down


Our team of engineers and partners will install your solar PV system


24/7 worry-free support for the duration of your loan

Asia’s First solar mortgage

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7% interest rate, 7 years fixing period, up to 70K waived fees

Lock-in your your savings with our promo with BPI.